Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing With our custom manufacturing option, the possibilities are endless – whether you want a black darkroom tent for photo developing, a unique, solid color tent to match your company brand, or a large gable-end structure for large machinery, we can do it all. Choose from our different style options – Conventional Pole tent, Free Standing Frame tent, High Peak Tension tent, or Clearspan structure – each of which is available in varying widths, heights, lengths, and colors. We can also place your company logo or town crest on your tent to make it truly unique.

To further accommodate the specific needs of our clients, we offer modular tent tops which give you the flexibility to increase or decrease your tent size as needed, and our sidewalls are easily removable to give you full control over how open or closed-in your tent will be. Tent tops and sidewalls are available in various weights of vinyl, and the same is true for our tarps which can be fully customized as well.

Finally, no matter which tent you choose, we guarantee that it will be professionally manufactured in accordance with the highest structural standards and fire safety requirements in the industry, and you’ll be given the documentation to prove it. And with full warranty coverage, we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with whichever style of tent you decide to purchase.